Launch Party Update

I was going to write a long detailed blog with delicious recipes, life hacks and insights into life, the universe… you get the idea. Then I thought I’ll ‘just’ do my flyer for the launch first. Hahaha ‘just’. Hours later, and with a partner who now regrets asking me ‘would it be better if you tilted that line up slightly?’ it is done. And this is the blog. There are no insights. No recipes. No surprising revelation or amazing thing I did every day for a month and it changed my life. Just this: drawing with a chalk pen isn’t as fun as it sounds.
Feel free to offer constructive criticism or suggestions about this week’s blog- my partner did and he’s just dandy.
A big pile of frustration:
I got there in the end and the flyers are now ordered, thanks to my fearless partner, paint and Vistaprint. Next I need to go on a smarm offensive and convince people to wander the streets of Horsforth flyering. (Yes that’s still a verb).


And then we’re onto the fun bit which is where you come in – choosing which games to bring.
Have a look on my menu and tweet me or comment here about the games you would like to play. If there’s one you want that isn’t there, let me know and I’ll look out for a copy.
Robert Redford asked me to remind you to like, share and subscribe…

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