Pay It Forward

At Cards or Die we are passionate about tackling social isolation and bringing people together with board games.

Now when you book me for your corporate event, you can pay it forward. For each additional hour you fund I’ll double it. So, if you pay forward an hour’s session, I’ll offer a two hour session to a Charity, CIC or a not for profit.

This year my aim is to offer one free booking per month to a charity, community interest or not for profit company. I’m currently funding my monthly event at Rainbow Junktion through subscriptions over on KoFi and in September I will be relaunching an inclusive games session.

What can you do to help?

Pay it Forward – when you make a booking with me, ask me to add on an hour for someone else.

Donate. You can make a one-off donation or you can set up a regular payment. (Visit my Ko-Fi page and click on ‘membership’.)

If you are a non-profit company interested in tackling social isolation then I would love to chat to you and provide a free board games session. You could book me as part of an ongoing event or we could work together to put on a special event your customers will enjoy. You could use the session for staff training or as a treat for your volunteers.

Spread the word. Tell people who you think might benefit or who are in a position to donate and support this project.