The Rule Book Tool Kit

Everything you need to write the perfect rule book in one, easy to navigate tool kit from Cards or Die.

  • A step by step practical guide. 

  • Over 13 hours of content. 

  • Videos, quizzes, resources, prompts and tasks. 

  • Avoid negative reviews resulting from rule confusion.

  • Don’t let your game get stuck on the shelf.

  • Create a clear, accessible and easy to use rule book.

The Rule Book Tool Kit

This tool kit has been designed to be used at any point during the game design process. So, whether you are still designing your game, you are part way through writing your rule book, or you’ve finished, and you want to review your rules this will help you create the perfect rule book.

Each section of the tool kit comes with an introductory video as well as paper resources which you can print out or download to use.

Look out for the following prompts:

Each activity has a guide time next to it to give you an idea of how much time you will need to allow. The timings are broadly based on a game like Carcassonne – medium sized rule book, medium complexity, 2-4 players. The exact timings will vary depending on the complexity and size of your game as well as how much progress you have already made with your rule book.


Introduction Video.oadi

Section 1.

01. The what and the why – video.

01a. Introduction

01b. Why the rule book is important.

01c. What does a good rule book look like?

01d. WAGOLLs* for general reference – video.

 *What a good one looks like.

Section 2.

02. Making notes – video. 

02a. Creating your rule book.

02b. Clarifying gameplay.

Section 3.

03. Inclusivity – video.

03a. Your core audience. 

03b. Audience and inclusivity.

03b. Audience and inclusivity quiz.

03c. The purpose of the rule book.

03d. WAGOLLs – prompts.

Section 4.

04. Consistency and layout – video.

04a. Layout and presentation.   

04b. Using consistent terms.

04c. WAGOLLs Flavour text and set up.

Section 5.

05. Testing…testing… – video

05a. Testing the rule book – does it work?

05b. Types of testing quiz.

Section 6.

06. Accuracy – video.

06a. Language, grammar, and punctuation – a quick guide and quiz.

06b. Language, grammar, and punctuation – a checklist.

06c. Varying connectives/conjunctions.

Section 7.

07. Success – video.

07a. Measuring success.

07b. Your feedback on the tool kit – survey.  


  • All of the PDFs in one place for easy downloading.

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