I can help you be more ‘hip’.

(Or do the kids still say ‘peng’? Either way I can definitely be your guide on the route to hip living.)
‘But how can I be cooler?’ ‘Please, help me be more ‘with it” I hear you clamour. Here’s how: play more games. Simple. At the moment board and card games are where it’s at: just check out the number of amazing board game cafes springing up. I’ve accidentally become in vogue! This places me in a unique position to help you. You too can be debonair like me.*
*any photographic evidence you may stumble upon that suggests I am uncool is ironic and therefore uber cool.
If, like some poor unfortunate souls I have met recently, you don’t like games I have a simple solution – a flow chart (what could be cooler than that? I ask you. Again, if you feel flowcharts are deeply uncool I call irony.)
Simply identify the reason you hate/ mildly dislike games from the list then read on to find out which game you definitely will enjoy.
Next, play the game. Easy. You’re well on your way to achieving ultimate hipness without having to resort to a hipster hair bun.
Finally, take pictures of your game and tweet them to @cardsordie where we will validate your cool status. You’re there: you are the coolest kid on the block. You’re welcome.

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