My Big Potato Games Box – Part Two

There were so many fab games in my Big Potato box of goodness that I have split them over two blogs. Click on the link to see Cards or Die’s events and Come and See Us to try them out before you buy. And click here to checkout the games crate on Big Potato games.
While some of the games are inappropriate for younger players, I would urge you to have a look and judge the contents yourself as some of the games – such as Mr Lister and Truth Bombs are fun for younger ones too. My children 10, 11 and 13 really enjoy those in particular, making them perfect family games.
Plays 3-8
Age 14+
Duration 15mins
The aim of the game is to suss out who the chameleon is without revealing the secret word to them. Even once you have correctly identified the chameleon they can slip from your grasp if they can deduce the secret word.
The game offers a reasonable degree of challenge, hence the 14+ rating – you need a decent vocabulary to be able to tackle the game successfully. As the Chameleon you need to be able to think on your feet and choose an appropriate word which links to what everyone else has said. All players need to choose words vague enough to not reveal the secret word and not so obtuse that everyone thinks you’re the chameleon and so you allow the chameleon to escape.
This is a fun, social party game. It’s another quick one so you can cram lots of gaming into your evening! I really like the big chunky dice it comes with. Plus another really cool elements is the blank laminate card so you can create your own categories and secret words over and over again.
Plays 4-8
Age 17+
Duration 30mins
Unlike many other drawing games in this one, points are won through terrible drawing and ridiculous guesses. A huge relief to those who die a little on the inside every time Pictionary, Cranium or Picture This come off the games shelf!
You start with a scenario which is entertaining in its own right: whether it’s a cannibal finger buffet or the never-ending poo. Then you draw the best image you can and pass it on. The next person covers your image and writes down what they think you drew. The next person now draws whatever the writing says. It’s like Telephone* but with drawings!
At the end of the process, you lay out all the responses and choose your favourite work of art and award points. In the unlikely event that the final drawing matches the original scenario you win a whopping 3 points! But remember it’s not called ‘Great works of Art’ or even ‘Art: the abstract movement’. It’s called Scrawl and for good reason!
(*also known as Chinese Whispers)
Obama Llama
2018-07-03 20.29.04
Plays 4+
Age 14+
Duration 30mins
Obama Llama is the first Big Potato game that I bought. It’s always very popular and we enjoy playing at home too. It’s one of those that the children want to get out when we go to board game cafes! Because that’s why you go to a cafe – to play a game you already own!! It went down a storm at a recent Women’s Institute evening (picture above).
It’s the perfect party game as it combines two of the most Christmassy games – Charades – with Pairs. Think Lionel Blair meets Jay-Z. Solve three rhymes for your chance to find a matching pair, and the most pairs wins. When you realise your Aunt is miming Mary Berry missing a ferry, you know you’ve struck comedy gold. One for before the sherry soaked Christmas Pudding!
And of course you don’t need to wait for Christmas, get your rhyming on any time you like!
Bucket of Doom
Plays 3+
Age 17+
Duration 30mins
Another classic. I like this because it is a silly but non-offensive alternative to Cards Against Humanity. You can read a review here.
Come along and play at a Cards or Die event.

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