My Big Potato Games Box – Part One: the quizzes.

Obama Llama and Bucket of Doom have long been staples at Cards or Die events so I was very excited when I recently received a box full of goodness from Big Potato games. I thought I’d give you a quick peek in the box! All of these games have gone down a storm at my events. They play either in teams or for larger groups which instantly makes them sociable games. All are easy to learn and many of them follow similar principles. Here, I’m going to look at the quiz based games.
Weird Things Humans Search For
Plays 3-20
Age 14+
Duration 20mins
This is the newest offering from Big Potato games. To win your team needs to complete the sentence with the most commonly googled term. You gain points for correct answers and the team with the most points wins. If you enjoy Google Feud then you’ll enjoy this.
Despite the fact that the game relies on guesswork the content makes it very entertaining. There is definitely a balance to be struck as if you’re answers are too bizarre, they often don’t feature and then we’re just all laughing at you. But go too tame and you are left marvelling at just how odd some people are.
For a quick taster have a go at these – answers at the bottom!
why are babies so…?
can you marry…?
When I say answers, I can only actually provide the end of the questions. Only google knows if boogers are dead brain cells!
Played over 5 rounds it’s quite a quick game and plenty of fun. (N.B. It’s too difficult for cats.)
Mr Lister’s Quiz Shootout
Plays 3+
Age 14+
Duration 30 mins
Collect five different drinks bottles (shown on the reverse of the quiz card) to win. Write down as many answers as you can and in ‘quick fire style’ teams alternate – firing off one answer at a time. Each team gets three shots and at the end of that time the team with the most hits, wins the card. Each card features a last chance saloon question to settle any draws.
You can also use collected cards to swap for a drink you need or to confiscate a drink from another team. Nothing says ‘team’ like working together to screw over the opposition.
There are a mixture of topics from the banal to the ridiculous and the ridiculously tricky: list the UK’s 8 largest supermarket chains; list the 9 types of brass instrument in a symphony orchestra or the 10 most common animals sent into space!
This is a perfect game for any social event. It is a fun mix of common sense, random knowledge that you read somewhere and good old fashioned guess work!
Colour Brain
Plays 2-20
Age 14+
Duration 20
A multi choice quiz with a difference – all of the answers are colours. Be the first team to reach 10 points to win. It’s not enough to get it right though – you only score points if at least one team gets it wrong. In fact, you earn one point for each team that gets it wrong so the more people that fail, the more decisive your victory.
Each team has one colour catcher card which enables them to steal colours from the leading team. You can only use it once so you must do so wisely!
Colour brain is a fun, lighthearted quiz game which contains some surprising revelations – such as: the colours of mourning in China; Hetty the Hoover and Uranus. So, if you’ve a burning urge to discover the colour of Uranus then you need to play Colour brain.
Truth Bombs
Plays 4-8
Age 14+
Duration 20mins
Truth Bombs jokingly mentions that it could ‘destroy your relationships’ which initially put me off a bit. My children were impressed with the fact it was created by Dan and Phil (they’re youtubers apparently), I was indifferent about that but I thought I’d share that knowledge – you’re cool enough to know them. Right? I am so glad I let them nag me into playing it with them. It’s a brilliant game and such a good laugh.
You answer questions about each other and then you have to choose your favourite answer. It can act as a test of who knows you best or if you are playing with some people you know less well then you can just choose the funniest answer. Either way, it’s very entertaining. You gain points by correctly identifying who wrote your favourite answer and by being the person who writes the favourite answer! The best responses involve creativity and wit.
My favourites were:
If there was a fire what would I save? The Boardgames (not the children) Worryingly one of my children wrote that and I hasten to add it is inaccurate. I would save my gold first.
If I invented an app what would it be? Poe-c’mongo (an Edgar Allen Poe themed catch ’em all game)
Someone needs to get on with designing that app!
First dates
Plays 4-10
Age 17+
Duration 20mins
The aim of the game is to be the best matched couple in the restaurant by scoring more points than anyone else throughout the meal. The question cards are divided into Starters, Mains and Desserts.
One couple answers the question while the other couples can win bonus points by correctly predicting whether the couple answering will agree or disagree.
This is not a game for the faint-hearted or easily embarrassed (i.e. me!). Some questions are innocuous ‘Who kept believing in Santa for the longest?’ whilst others are toe-curlingly awkward ‘Who is more likely to pay for sex?’. And some of the others are just too inappropriate for me ‘Who is more likely to have a nervous breakdown?’
Having said that, lots of people enjoy it and have a laugh playing it. I would suggest it’s a game for playing with friends who you trust and not one for after Christmas Lunch with the family! And if you have a high embarrassment threshold then give it a whirl.
So, if you’re looking for something fun, sociable and mildly educational (by educational we mean you’ll know yet more random crap) then look no further – Big Potato games have just the thing for you. Try them at a Cards or Die event: check the Come and See Us page to find out more.
The ‘answers’ – how did you do?

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