My New Year’s Resolutions. You won’t believe number 492!!*

(*I actually only made 5 but it’s worked for everything I’ve clicked on ever).

This year I don’t want there to be a grey area when he’s making his list (and checking it twice) so in a bid to remain firmly on the good list, I am making resolutions. Now this is not something I usually do. Previous resolutions have been largely modelled on my current lifestyle. (swear more, eat more chocolate, sit still more, continue to tread that difficult border of acceptable levels of personal hygiene etc…) But this year it’s different – everything is different. In December I finished teaching; my career and mental health nemesis for the last 16 years. I don’t normally make resolutions but change is good… which brings me to…

1. Embrace Change.
I have an exciting year ahead and I can’t wait to get stuck into it. I want to enjoy it all, even the crazy hectic times. (Not so much the accounts, maybe I should have a separate resolution about that one…) I’m determined to enjoy it all even if it’s not what I *normally* do.
I’m currently planning the Launch Event for Cards or Die so look out for details soon…

2. Beat my son.

At any game. Even if it involves no strategic thinking. I am past caring.

I believe that when you play against children, you have to let them win around 50% of the time. Otherwise they just become demotivated and refuse to play. I’m now at that tipping point. If I don’t win soon I’m taking my ball home.

He taught me Magic and beat me which was fair enough as he was obviously ahead of me. I could come to terms with that. We worked out Boss Monster together, sussing out the rules, playing a trial round before he thrashed me. Again. And again.

Still, I thought I’ll get better, with practice (I’m all about the growth mindset). Then I taught him Mancala, patiently and clearly explaining possible strategies as we played a trial run through. But again, he is victorious. So my resolution for this year is to learn a game which I can definitely beat him at. Every time. Well, I’ll settle for most of the time. Alright. Just once. I just want to win once.

3. Keep Calm and….

Vistaprint always has a special offer on. Just for me. I know it’s specially for me because my logo is on everything on the website. I resolve to not buy everything just because there’s a mock-up of it with my logo on. But it’s hard dammit Vistaprint. It’s practically impossible. Especially the stickers… oooh I could put stickers on the games… But NO I will be strong. I don’t want to Keep Calm and brand everything in the world. Although, I wonder if they do tattoos…… and family discounts….

4. Keep learning
Play lots of Skull (now Shut Up and Sit Down have de-mystified it for me)

5. And finally… aim high.
Be preposterously ambitious.
This time next year who knows where we’ll be.

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