Guest Blog – Jackson Pope

Hi, I’m Jackson Pope (@jackson_pope) and I self-publish hand-crafted board and card games as Eurydice Games. I’m here today to talk about Craft Wednesday, a celebration of crafting in tabletop gaming that I run every Wednesday on twitter using the #CraftWednesday hashtag.
I started Craft Wednesday after attending a training course for work during which they presented research on how much more likely you were to reach your goals if you had an ‘accountability partner’ – someone checking in on you to see how you’re progressing, offer encouragement and celebrate your victories.
A cast and painted treasure pile by @Raven_elf
I’m a keen gamer and a maker of things – I’m always making something, and for the second time in my life that is hand-crafting small print runs of games I’ve designed (I’ve hand-crafted over 600 games). It struck me that with my passion for gaming and crafting I could build a community of people who are also games-related crafters and act as their accountability partner to help them reach their goals.
Each week on Wednesdays I share the coolest crafting things I’ve seen on twitter over the last week and then check in with all the members of the community to see how they are getting on with their projects. It’s one big thread so people often start discussions and project support and feedback on each other’s projects too. On Thursday mornings I roll up all the responses into a twitter moment for easy reading.
A laser-cut insert for Near and Far by @semicoop
Craft Wednesday has been running for over six months now and we’ve built up a great community of people who support and encourage each other. We’ve had people within the community do business with each other and it’s great to watch people’s projects as they progress from week to week – it’s really inspiring.
Craft Wednesday covers the whole gamut of games related crafting. We have people making prototypes of their own designs, print and play copies of a game, upgraded pieces for a game they’ve bought, and even gaming tables.
Laser-cut interlocking dice tumblers by @C_M_Young
We have people painting miniatures, making tabletop scenery, using laser-cutters or 3D printers or just drawing things by hand.
We have designers, publishers, artists and businesses, all united by their passion for crafting games-related stuff.
Do you make things related to tabletop gaming? Why not get involved? Just reply to my Craft Wednesday tweet on any Wednesday and I’ll include you in the community.

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