Gobblin’ Goblins and the importance of biscuits.

I need to start this review by coming clean. People have understandable reservations about trusting the veracity of some reviews, especially when the reviewer got a free copy of the game. It is true, I did get a free copy but it’s worse than that. I won. I actually won. I even won the first game! All I can say is – bear that in mind as you read the review. My victory doesn’t invalidate the review but it may make it insufferably smug.
I’ve won all the badges!
This raises an interesting philosophical question which probably needs exploring in greater depth (lying on a couch maybe). Am I a naturally smug winner or if I won more often would I be less of a ** when I won?
** insert expletive of choice here.
Mmmm, scabs….
The first game was such a good first game with so much variety that at no point was the phrase ‘Who shuffled these?’ uttered. I think that’s a pretty good start.
Best Bits.
As we know by now, I’m all about the art and I love the art work on these cards. Not only are the Goblin characters beautifully illustrated – hang on, ‘strikingly’ illustrated- but the details on the cards are lovely. Erm… not lovely… brilliant. To quote Mark as he picked up White Dog Poo, “These are disgustingly specific”. Much as though many people reflect nostalgically about the demise of white dog poo, no-one wants it in their hand.
The descriptions of the food add to the entertainment of the game – especially if you read them in your best M&S* voice.
*careful with the letter order there – that’s a different kind of voice altogether.
All of the description is well crafted. Having banged on at kids for 17 years about ‘making every word count’ in their writing, I can say that every word on these cards has earned it’s place and I appreciate both the craft and the graft of that.
Sharks? With lazers? Deal me in. Show me where to click.
How do you win?
Well, as an accomplished winner I am uniquely placed to explain this. To win (as I did) your Goblin has to gobble the most cards but watch out; gobble the wrong colour or foods your goblin hates and you will lose points. Gobbling fave foods and biscuits, on the other hand, will gain you bonus points. Try to nom the extra tasty biscuit (like I did) to secure your victory.
A good, simple premise. However… your opponents will try to force you to eat foods you are allergic to, will snatch foods from your plate or even make you vomit up part digested foods. Goblins are not only gross, they’re also quite rude.
Action cards add enough strategy to make it fun and the interplay of the characters’ special abilities adds depth.
I also love that it plays up to 12 people which makes it great for parties. It is already getting lots of love at home and my son took it to his after school games club where it had an equally positive response. I can’t wait to take it to my upcoming events.
N.B. I am happy to offer tutorials but unfortunately, I can not guarantee that you, like me, will be a winner. I assume it’s still fun if you lose. Back it and find out!
It’s just about to be dished up on Kickstarter – and it’s already ready to serve as far as we’re concerned. Update it smashed the Kickstarter and is available for purchase.
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